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Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Fata Morgana 2 - more photos than text

photos Britta

Here you see "the back" of the Charlottenburger Schloss 

A baroque garden, beautiful and well-kept borders - here it seems a bit unkempt...

Normally the bridge is painted in beautiful red 

Huge! Flowering soon. 


(How can I delete it?? Only the photo - I love the statue of the Alte Fritz, our King. )

I do hope they don't mess up his pedestal (as with Churchill's statue), or even dump him into the Spree...

The front of the Schloss 

I have just this photo from many, many years ago, a class trip from Bremen, where I come from, to Berlin - then I stood with some pals of mine here and look at him, "Der Große Kurfürst" ---

The Schloss is well protected: 

and now you will understand, after seeing a third of it, why I missed it so very, very much. 



  1. Oh how I loved this trip. Everything was fascinating. I especially like the little bridge.

    1. Thank you Emma, it is really a lovely, lovely park. I love the red bridge too - in combination with the water lilies it always makes me think of a painting by Monet, Giverny.

  2. I wonder why the Greek style of the statues at the gate, with the shield and knife. Very interesting journey through the Schloss. Thank you Britta. I have been to Berlin many times but never visited it.

    1. Then we will go there, Rachel - it is a MUST on the visiting list! (Why those gate-statues are there I will find out!)

  3. Never get between 2 gladiators has always been my motto.

    1. The poet Friedrich von Logau (1605 - 1655)) wrote: "In Gefahr und grosser Noth // Bringt der Mittel-Weg den Tod." - "In danger and great distress/ the middle course brings death."
      IF sometimes one has to choose - one can
      - a) run quickly through the middle (maybe using the golf cart Joanne in the next comment is speaking of) - it is a very broad gate
      - b) one finds out when the Schloss is open and leaves through the backyard
      - or
      c) one waits till the gladiators have ended their fight and the one who survived is tired.
      So: it depends on personal fitness (a), wit (b), or the time one still has to spend on our dear earth :-)

  4. This is beautiful. I could spend days there, riding about in a golf cart. Did you ever discover how to delete the picture? I did, once, after a deal of messing with it. I think it was as simple as highlighting it and pressing the delete key. But I could be wrong.

    1. Yes, it is, Joanne - its beauty is a big comforter of the soul.
      (For that I risk a lot!)
      Thank you for your tip about deleting a photo - I did the "highlighting", but then I found no delete-button, pressed the key on my computer - but nothing happened.
      Will try again - if it does not work it will become a wonderous post :-)

    2. Right click on the one you want to remove and either press delete or backspace and the picture disappears.

    3. Thank you, Rachel: I tried - tested - and woosh: it flew away! :-)