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Wednesday, 17 June 2020

A Fata Morgana - Revisited (1)

photo Britta 

So long it was forbidden ground for me - the lockdown draw a railing around my mobility - I could only go where I could - go. Felt like sitting in a golden cage.

Almost every day I walk about 10.000 steps - but that would be not enough to reach the Charlottenburger Schloss - Google map said: 2 hours walk to and fro - but then I wanted also to walk in the beautiful baroque park!

The Schloss became a symbol, a Fata Morgana, almost an obsession.

Yesterday, which was warm and the air was filled with the intoxicating smell of flowering lime-trees, I got plastered by that.
Got reckless (in a very cautious way: took my unsightly anti-virus-mask - I do have beautiful ones from van Laack, almost an accessory, but they are not so effective), took all my courage into my gloved hands,
- and for the first time since February I walked into the Berlin version of Hades, the underground:

photo Britta 

As you see: not many people here! (I chose a time when people don't have to go to work).
I did not enter the nearest entrance, U Wittenberg Platz, because there is the luxury store KaDeWe, which is open by now and visited by many tourists. I also avoided the next stop, "U Bahnhof Zoo" (a very very bad station even in normal times, and a traffic junction, and a junkie junction..) but of course had to walk a long way to the (hopefully) "more harmless station" Ernst Reuter-Platz.

Only three stops later I was there - "there" means: again a very long walk through Charlottenburg (which I used to visit an acquaintance - the goldsmith Anne Rink - often a costly chat - yes,  yesterday too :-)  - meaning: I had to run back to a bank... and then back to her - but I wanted a symbol of my new freedom.

Then I had to recover from that, which I did by visiting one of my favourite cafés, Café Reet;

... they have the most wonderful Tarte mousse au chocolate - which is not fat, I always wonder how they do it - it slightly crumbles in your mouth in the way cracknel crumbles, but very softly.
Thus strengthened I walked on.
And felt a bit like her:

Minerva - or Athena - a statue created by the Dutch sculptor Bartholomeus Eggers (*1637 in Amsterdam, died 1692) - which stands now in the Charlottenburger Schlosspark.

                               Pallas Athena: goddess of wisdom, strategy and combat. I love her!

(to be continued)


  1. Wat een interessant blogje. En prachtige foto's. 10.000 stappen elke dag? Je bent goed bezig,ha,ha!!! En ook nog in de Hades geweest en Athena gezien!

    1. Thank you, Guusje! Ja, almost every day 10.000 steps - but yesterday it was a bit too much, almost 18.000! So today I have a lazy day :-)

  2. Bravo to you Britta, you conquered all of your fears and had a great day out, but I would love to know what you bought from the goldsmith Anne Rink!

    1. Yes, Rosemary - though mostly I conquered the fears of family and friends - they are more afraid than I.
      When the triplets were borne Anne made me a beautiful ring: thick gold with a wonderful ruby, and in one side of the golden ring sit three little diamonds. Their symbolism is clear :-) - and, if I follows our nun&nature&healing-expert Hildegard von Bingen (born 1098), the ruby is a mighty stone for body&soul.
      And so beautiful!
      And now I saw in her shop window a tiny necklace made from small pearls (I have beautiful sea-water pearls, but even with jeans they look a bit intimidating) and in-between some little rubies and a piece of gold. It looks absolutely cheerful and happy and light - as I was yesterday on that lovely day! (In another blogpost I might show a photo).

  3. I am still staying away from crowded places. It sounds like you really enjoyed yourself on your little journey.

    1. Mostly I stay away too, Emma - I do not like crowds in Corona-time and avoid even too crowded terrasses in front of restaurants. And I often wear a mask as protection.
      And yes, Emma - it was like a holiday for me - I have waited oh so long to go there again!