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Friday, 19 June 2020


Today I did something VERY unusual for me - to be honest: I think it was the first time ever. 

A friend of my friend Anne had told me that I MUST watch a TV series, MUST!  
She is Scottish, I didn't know her, but liked her, thought "MUST? I?" and when I heard "Outlander" I thought: No way - Fantasy is absolutely not my cup of tea. 

Later I bought it, stacked it away, didn't watch it, almost forgot it. 
But today I suddenly thought: "Well - might have a look." 
(It was a sort of Scottish day - rainy... And now so stormy, that I cannot upload a trailer or a photo...) 

You must know that I am a great fan of Scotland, and to the surprise of everyone I even love bagpipe music (normally you can make me mad with many sorts of music - I hear like a bat and really suffer). 

Well. And there I sat. And stared. 
And fell in love immediately, without any sign of forewarning. 

Well - I only saw the first episode - but I think: "Louis, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." 

Better late than never.    😂 


  1. Outlander is so popular! I did get pretty hooked on the first couple of series but then the appeal just fizzled out for me. I shall probably be stoned in the street for saying this but I found the heroine completely annoying by the third (?) series and couldn't stand to watch it anymore. The costumes are amazing, however!

    1. It must be popular here too, Pipistrello, because the DVD has an added soundtrack in German (I never listen to that - Dutch people, who are used to see films in English, laugh a lot when they hear the German dubbing voices).
      The same as you remarked about "fizzling out" happened to me with "Downtown Abbey", very soon - and I always wait to watch a series till I can buy it on DVD, I will not let a TV programme dictate my time :-)
      Am curious how long my enthusiasm will last - till now I drink in the beautiful landscapes and colours, and the Scottish accent :-)

  2. My friend was talking of Outlander only today, and what lengths someone went to to get the last two episodes of the first season. An adventure in itself.

    1. That is a coincidence - here the hunting part was fulfilled by Amazon :-)

  3. I have not seen Outlander. I suppose I should. Interestingly my friend Anne lives in Stirling in Scotland.

    1. Dear Emma, I have heard about it only via that friend. Most interesting that your friend Anne lives in Scotland - Stirling I have not visited, but many other parts, and I love the very beautiful landscapes and the expressive colours of nature there.

  4. I saw a bus go by with an advert for the film, '1918' today, and the slogan was - 'YOU MUST SEE THIS FILM!' I have heard it is not very good. None of my friends - including extras in the same film - have recommended it to me.

    1. I try to overcome a deeply ingrained attitude of mine: to object to recommendations - if someone says: You MUST watch this film/ read this book/ listen to that music - "Wamm", I clam (I mean shut like an oyster.)
      I still follow my instinct - usually it is right - but try to be open for things that normally do not fly through my orbit.
      New music will not push the Stones out of my heart - but I do not think that everything was "better in the olden days".
      Genres I cannot trespass easily - I never liked spook stories, am utterly bored by science fiction (if I like it, you can be sure it isn't "real" sci-fi).
      I try to be open to change and new experiences. I love challenges - they make me feel alive.