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Thursday, 13 January 2022

Snippet: Fasting


I add something new to my blog: "snippets" shall be short posts about something that shoots through my mind - evoked by a newspaper, or a blog, or something I experienced. 

In German telephone booths (used before the unimaginable time before the existence of cellphones), hung a plate with the words "Fasse dich kurz!" = "Make it short". (Very difficult for me) 


At the moment I do a "sort of" fast, just for fun: for four weeks I do not drink any alcohol. Instead of the glass of wine in the evening (with 0,1 - 0,2 l a ridiculous thimble in they eyes of the hardboiled) I drink a nice cup of herbal tea.  No problem at all - I just wanted to find out if I miss it. 

Till now I don't. 

Query: Do you fast? On what? Why? How long? Do you feel an effect? 



  1. I'm going to enjoy your "snippet" posts Britta, just as enjoy all the longer posts you share here.
    A 'fast just for fun' sounds somewhat like fun but when I've tried fasting I become cranky and miserable. I am now trying to cut back on sugar and dairy per my doctor's orders, as she thinks it might help my arthritis issues. Before you know it, if she keeps removing anymore foods, I'll not need fasting, I'll be naturally starving, lol!!! I too am cutting out the wine for a few weeks though - too much sugar - drinking much more water, tea in the afternoons, and must have black coffee in the mornings to get me going.
    Good luck - Mary x

  2. Dear Mary, I am glad that you like the idea!
    When I still lived in Hamburg I thought it a bright idea to "really" fast as son&DiL - all Lent . I did, but it made me almost faint.
    Most time I eat a healthy diet and walk a lot, so now I am just testing my willpower (which is strong :-), and fast only on wine. The triplets are (luckily) demanding - thus I felt I was "entitled" to a glass of wine in the evening - I feeling I do not like even if it is a ridiculous amount.
    I will not become a teetotaller - but I am the boss in my body. And a warm cup of herbal tea is also nice in the evening!
    Britta x

  3. I've never tried to give up anything entirely. For me, eating and drinking small amounts regularly works well. Fasting is supposed to have some health and wellness benefits but I am no expert. With some research, you will know what is best for you.

    1. After that experience in Hamburg I never fasted in the core-meaning again. As I am healthy, slim and feeling well it is just a curious attempt to find out whether I got too used to wine - but I already can say: I am not.
      But I sit it through - read that it is good to have a break with alcohol. If in that time an occasion pops up to open a bottle of champagne, of course I will do that - otherwise I enjoy my cuppa herbal tea and my little triumph over myself :-)

  4. Actually, no. My doctors despair at the little I eat, and I say You live to eat; I eat the live. A shame, I suppose, food and drink does not interest me.

    1. I feel with you Joanne, and wish so much that you will get better!
      I do not cut down on eating - I read that a woman who got Covid lost 7 kilogram, that would be a disaster for my slim body. No, I only see to many people around me who in this pandemic definitely drink too much - out of boredom or being afraid - and for me I decided that wine should be a feast and pleasure, not a need.