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Sunday, 6 August 2017

You Have to Accept a Low Blow in Order to Survive

... And Stand Up Again. 

Dear You, 

in the exhibition "Third Landscape" by Volker Kreidler they show betwitching photos of the vegetation around Chernobyl.

"Reports of vegetation in the exclusion zone around Chernobyl have been increasing over the last few years. While flora and fauna are apparently returning, paradoxes in the natural gene pool have been observed. Despite the radiation, a self-generating ecosystem with high viability is forming in the area. New, healthy trees are growing and replacing dead forests. Lynx and other rare animal species are settling again."

(See the full quote on this photo):

At home I stirred pensively the girolles/chanterelles in my pan - they were coming from a country where - so they had told us - after Chernobyl the decay period would last for a time with so many zeroes following the 1 that I could neither imagine nor pronounce it...

The human mind and the human heart easily forgets, I mused.
That may be necessary to survive. Sometimes you have to be able to forget (at least: not think about it every day) - otherwise you will go mad.
Of course one can wish and pray that mankind gets more reasonable (though at the moment the world does not look like this - yet: has it ever?).
"The lynx, the wolves, the Przewalski horses, the bison, the moose, the wild boars roam through the area again." 

I might join them - I am a part of nature.

Interesting though:
when I looked closely at a leaf from a "healthy tree" from that area, I saw:
1) it was THERE, the leaf, the tree - and its existence I call a wonder.
2) Yet to believe that it survived without a wound - that would be naive.
You have to accept change   -   you have to change, you have to muster all your strength, you have to get up again, though you are tired - only then you have a chance to survive.
Admittedly: it hurts.


  1. I read some time ago that things were regenerating near Chernobyl. It reminded me that the species of man, whether through carelessness or vindictiveness, can try to kill the planet but somehow the planet will survive. Will Man?

    1. That is the interesting question, Emma.
      It reminds me of the - very short - poem "A Man Said to the Universe" by Stephen Crane:

      A man said to the universe:
      “Sir, I exist!”
      “However,” replied the universe,
      “The fact has not created in me
      A sense of obligation.”

  2. And it begins with mothers, telling little ones to "jump back up!" And they grow up to be strong, and to muse.

    1. Yes, Joanne - and you know that I admire you so much for not tiring and thus giving strength to your grandchildren!

  3. I am not sure what is behind this post Britta, but it is my philosophy that you have to move on and accept changes however much it may hurt at the time. The hurt will only be temporary in any case, unless you let it be otherwise which must never be the case.

    1. Dear Rachel, yes, I often write on more than one level - and yes, you are also right about change. I can quite easily accept change, I see and find new chances.
      These days Wladimir Klitschko, world boxing champion, whom I admire (and saw fight live in Munich!) retired, 41, but with many new plans in his head. That attitude I like!

  4. Hello Brittany, every summer children from the Chernobyl area were fostered in voluntary families in Italy for about two to three weeks so that for that period of time the children could stay away from contiminated areas.
    Greetings Maria x

    1. I did not not notice I'd typed "Brittany" by mistake. sorry Britta xx

    2. Dear Maria,
      I am so glad to hear of you again!! (Actually, I asked Rachel if you were ok - she could appease me).
      Yes: to invite those children was a wonderful deed - I know of some German initiatives too. The children are the most innocent victims!
      And as to Brittany: I LOVE that (once someone typed it by error too) Might change forever to that! (In Germany you cannot do that legally without an important reason, but I can use a "pseudonym" as author. So: you are very wellcome to call me that!
      And how are you?

    3. Of course: hearty greetings, xxx!

  5. It is encouraging isn't it Britta ? ...... I would have thought that it would have taken much longer. XXXX

    1. Yes, Jackie: as I you are of an optimistic nature - and we see that nature is really strong. XXX