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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Sir Roger Moore (and I) in a Short TV Interview

Five years after its taking, I've found it again: the lost video above - with a snippet of a TV- 'interview' of me that was made in Hamburg when Sir Roger Moore presented "My Word is My Bond: The Autobiography". You have to be patient (though I only give you a shortened version), because it is mostly in German - except a few words in English by me (you might have read Tom's comment on my accent :-) - and a bit more by Sir Roger Moore - so wait for the Lady in Turquoise and you might get a fleeting impression of me.
It was shortly before our move to Berlin. I had plucked three especially beautiful different roses from my garden for him: Roger Moore - the actor I'd always admired.
I had missed him a few years before when husband made the catalogue/anthology for an exhibition in Hildesheim - "James Bond. Schauspieler und Spion" (James Bond. Actor and Spy") - he couldn't come, though at that occasion I had the honour and joy to dine with Desmond Llewelyn, the inventive engineer "Q" (who sadly died a short time after in a car crash).
When I find the black&white photo of us I will show it to you.
But back to Hamburg.
Sir Roger Moore introduced his book charmingly and witty.
Then the reporter chatted with me. With her last question (in German) she almost knocked me out of my silken stockings (and High Heels): she asked with the impertinence of (not that fresh) youth, in an incredulous voice: "Do you think he is still a sexy man?"
Rude in oh so many ways: the question in and of itself, then in his vicinity, but most of all: how odd to think that sexiness depends only on age?
I was so glad that I was not too shocked to answer (I seldom am - shocked or silent).
And the answer came from my heart -  I meant as I said.

PS: (And if not I wouldn't have answered otherwise).


  1. Once again I am impressed, Britta! Roger Moore was the most humorous of Bonds, and he always flinched when he fired a gun - he hated guns.

  2. What a charming glimpse of you! Your gift of roses was a lovely gesture, and very well presented.

  3. You kept your poise so beautifully. It must have been a wonderful experience.

  4. Handsome man, lovely woman. Fie on reporters.

  5. Geo. has said it just right, a lovely gesture, indeed, and delightful presentation. He had to have been pleased.

  6. Thank you all for your very kind comments!
    I could show you a few more official videos, but I won't - this was only because I wanted you to see me "in action" and to hear my real, not only my 'inner' voice :-) .

    And I'm glad to welcome James on my blog.

  7. How nice to see you, Britta, and you look so well and conduct yourself so charmingly. He was surely honoured.

  8. What a wonderful experience, and how lucky for us you were able to find it captured on film. Well done, dear Britta! (Of COURSE he's still sexy... what a foolish young woman!)

  9. Thank you! It was by chance that a friend (in another town) saw it on TV and had the presence of mind to push the button of her recorder (I hadn't even told her of the encounter).

  10. Ah, and welcome to my new followers: James Philipps and Berlingarten Gartenblog!

  11. Oh, my, Britta!! I was so happy to see this--you look so chic! I love the swing of your hair and your glowing aspect. This is just wonderful! I watched your portion three times! (For charity *and* for sexy men--haha!)

    1. I'm very glad you liked it! I had the idea to post it because I remembered your video-post when you read. It is such a difference to see and hear a person, I think. Thank you for watching.