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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Berlinale 2014

Tilda Swinton was here at the Berlinale  - the film "Grand Hotel Budapest" was shown 7 minutes away from our flat at the Zoo Palast - and I missed her! 
I already missed her in Edingburgh , where I was at the Film Festval in 2010 by a hair's breadths:

Well, in Bremen we have a saying: "Three is the inhabitant of Bremen's right" - so hopefully next time.
And  I will see "The Grand Budapest Hotel" - quite certain.


  1. Britta... I had to "google" your Tilda... I did not know her. She has had quite the career and I can see why you would like to see her! I could just see her as Jadis, the White Witch, in the Chronicles of Narnia...perfect casting! Sending you good wishes for a pleasant week....Susan

  2. Dear Susan,
    thank you! She has a very interesting face, hasn't she? At the moment everybody is looking for George Clooney :-) . Normally I am not on the lookout for celebrities - I justthought: "Right around the corner (as in Edinburgh too)" - though I would never have the nerve to wait for them hours in the cold.
    I wish you a pleasant week too! Britta

  3. Dear Suze,
    when I told husband that Tilda Swinton is not very famous in America, he looked at me and said: "Who the heck is Tilda Swinton?" :-)

  4. I LOVE Tilda Swinton Brigitta …… she really fascinates me and I love her fashion style. It's really quirky….. she always wears something slightly ' off the wall ' on the red carpet and, I usually enjoy her films.
    Have a good weekend Brigitta. XXXX

  5. Dear Jackie,
    I'm glad you love her too! I haven't seen all her films, but think she has a very interesting appearance. Have a fine weekend too! XXX

  6. Ah, Tilda! I don't always enjoy the films she's in, but she has a unique presence on film, doesn't she? I'll look forward to your report on The Grand Budapest Hotel. Sounds promising.

    1. Dear Sue,
      same with me (might have been the reason why I missed her? See: I managed to meet Roger Moore - some years ago). Though: I long to see The Grand Budapest Hotel.