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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My Website

Britta Hill

"You've got legs", said 'my' soldier from the Royal Hospital Chelsea when we had changed Email-addresses and he looked my website up on his smartphone. 
"You bet", I answered, "otherwise I wouldn't stand here in front of you."  
But over the last year I came to a decision: there is a bit much of "legs" on my website, though, as my temporary model jobs, they sometimes convince TV people that they can 'show' me. The last time they took test shots was a few weeks before my stay in London this year - which then got in each other's way, and I've still not decided whether that was luck or misfortune: I would have been the moderator of a mild form of "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!" - only applied to 'men that can't get moved to fulfill their household tasks'. Of course they had difficulties to find those men (willing to show up) - but they got loads and loads of letters from complaining wives, mothers and girl-friends... That sort of show will pick extreme characters - and to convince those to work would have been my part, together with household-education in practical form, plus evaluation of their progress. When I close my eyes and see a real slob like Onslow in 'Keeping Up Appearances', it makes my 'loss' easier. 
If you want a glimpse of my website as it is now, look at under my real name, Brigitta Hügel: 
I think the headlines are not really user-friendly, the list of the books I wrote or translated is not complete or not wholly translated for the English site. In the new version I will exclude my old (private) blogs from Hamburg and Berlin. The photos are mostly two, three years old, with the new one from April 2012 when the translation of the Leon bakery book appeared. The address in the end is an old one, for good reasons. 
But the main motive is: I want the site more austere. 
We'll start the change in August, so I am still interested in good ideas, and thankful for suggestions!  


  1. Dear Britta,
    I like your web site, very very nice.
    I love especially the frase "Brigitta loves British humour", I think you are the only one in the world of course together with the British :)
    I love your pictures, you are so sophisticated a very Lady.
    Bisou, Babi

    1. Oh, dear Babi,
      thank you! I have laughed heartily about your remark on English humour - it is really a very special sort of, but I like it.
      Bisou, Britta

  2. I had a look, Britta, and didn't find the headlines to be user 'unfriendly'. Perhaps a little more content would be good. I like the look of the site - not quite sure of what you mean be 'austere' as I found it appealing. I like the photos and thought the bio was good.
    I think that you were probably lucky to have missed out on that opportunity to spend time with the Onslow types!!

    1. Dear Pondside,
      thank you! I will think about filling up the content. With "austere" I meant more text, less photos and less frills - but I will see what in the beginning of August is presented to me.
      Yes: about the TV part you might be right - it could have easily become ridiculous (though, to be honest, I would have loved doing it).

  3. I have seen your legs in the flesh, and I can agree with the old soldier. I had better stop now before some middle-aged, isolated, Welsh animal-hoarder starts accusing me of coming on to you. I'll look at the website in a minute.

    1. Dear Tom,
      thank you! Always good to have an eyewitness, and with H.I. and her daughter, both so lovely, I have had even three. Your characterization of J. is absolutely great. But beware: he sometimes comes to this blog!

  4. Britta, no joke, I had a dream in which you were representing a group of people to whom I belonged in this global contest and I was cheering my heart out for you. You looked beautiful! What do you suppose it means?

  5. Dear Suze, I think it means we're friends: we have so much in common, and I would cheer for you too! (Today I am heavily ill - for the first time in over 7 years - laryngitis with fever. real difficulties to swallow, urrgh - and that in this heat weave. I am glad about your comment, it cheers me up!)