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Monday, 6 May 2013

Scene of the Crime

Thank you for all those interesting tips you gave me on my last post! They will be the "free skating" in London, being in the same category as the special highlight, the Chelsea Flower Show with my German friend Anne, and maybe dropping in at the AGM of the E.F.Benson-Society in Grosvenor Chapel. 
And then there is work to do - as you might guess from the picture above. 

To find my way I pinned down how I will get to Canary Wharf, or Old Bailey (though I have been there before), to Charterhouse Square, and.. and.. and... 
If I get lost sometimes I will ask him: 

PS: If anybody is interested why I included a cookbook (use the magnifying-glass!) - it is written by George Baker - whom you might know as "Inspector Wexford". All the other beautiful regions of England and Scotland (I've already met Ian Rankin) and Wales, Yorkshire, Northumberland etc are still waiting for research. 
As the Hemuls in Tove Janson's Moomin Books remark so wisely: 
"But you can have no more fun as you create on your own." 
I'm sure I will. 


  1. Researching a trip takes a lot of time. Planning wardrobe is my major problem as you mentioned in the previous post. I have enough trouble with the benefit of my whole wardrobe let alone with the limitations of a suitcase.
    I am planning to be in Europe in September and apart from some time with my daughter in the Greek Islands I have not planned a thing. I need to start planning! x

    1. Dear Penny,
      but till September you still have a lot of time :-)
      I think that the limitation of the wardrobe is so difficult: if one only had to chose for practical reasons it would be easier - but one wants to look chic too. Greek islands sounds good!

  2. I always tell my daughter, only boring people get bored. :)

    1. Dear Suze,
      that sentence is so true! In Germany "to be bored" is linguistically interesting: we complain "I bore myself!" - and that's right.

  3. Oh the fun you will have!
    I'm just the teeniest bit envious - but certain that you will share a little so that we can visit London and environs vicariously.

    1. Dear Pondside,
      I will, promised. I hope that my little pink travel computer will work - I will have to sit in cafés, because my landlady has no WLan.

  4. You are going to have the most wonderful time Brigitta ..... we went to the Chelsea Flower Show last year ..... it was AMAZING !! Have a chat with the Chelsea Pensioners too ...... I LOVE them. XXXX

  5. Dear Jackie,
    thank you for this very special tip: I looked them up on Wiki and found it amazing! A very good cause, and with these red uniforms I will not fail to see them.

  6. Have a great time my dear Britta!
    I'm a little bit jealous, I love flowers!
    I really like to visit that flower show.
    Do a lot of pictures to show.
    Bisous, Babi

  7. Dear Babi,
    thank you! I will take an extra memory card for my cameras. Bisous, Britta

  8. I vaguely remember George baker on a cookery programme in the 1990s..he. Seemed a jolly fellow

  9. Dear John,
    yes, he was - eventful life - his Yorkshire father was British Vice consul in Bulgary - thus the recipes; the mother had to bring up her 5 children after the father's death under poor conditions, George came to England first time when he was nine, left school with 15. A self-made man, beautiful when young, fascinating when older, ever charming.