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Monday, 8 April 2013

EXPRESS your Gratitude

Britta Huegel

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that you are happier when you feel grateful. 
I found out that I feel even happier when I express my gratitude. 
It is so easy to overlook the many incidents one can be grateful for - sometimes on a single day I feel that I get more 'presents' without a special occasion than I got as a child on a birthday! 
We all have a lot to do - so we might overlook the things we can be grateful for. 
- That's why I have a diary into which I write almost every day at least five things that made me happy and thankful - you will have read about doing that in many books on Happiness. Just try to do it!  
- And I invented for myself a sketch-book into which I draw one of those lucky reminders. It is not important whether I draw them artistical or not - it is the time I spend really looking at a thing. It is so easy to grab an item one got as a 'gift' - and then, like an overeater, swallow greedily the next. 
When I draw the lines of a cup of coffee, or a blossom of a magnolia, I look intensely, and thus value what is before me more than by just mumbling: "Oh, great, thank you - what next?
By the way: Only a few people know the Art of Saying Thank You. I remember those young people who did after advising - by e-mail, letter, telephone-call - better than those who intended to, but forgot. And though I work for all of them correctly, as I remember those others who said 'Thank you!" better I might sometimes find an extra for them weeks later. 
So: if your professor took the time to read your paper very carefully/ or your dentist gave you quickly an appointment/ or your haircutter did a special job - though they all get paid for it, it doesn't harm to acknowledge your gratitude by saying 'Thank you' (when you mean it). 


  1. Thank you - so easy to think and so difficult, it seems, to express. That was a good reminder!

    1. Dear Pondside,
      especially your posts are an example of seeing and enjoying the 'simple things'. My concern (in my case) is, that attention is easily scattered.

  2. Oh, I try to keep up with hand-written thank you notes but sometimes only manage an email. But saying thank you is one of my favorite parts of being human. It keeps everything humming as it should! Beautiful post, Britta.

  3. Dear Suze,
    thank you! You are so enthusiastic and open in expressing your feelings - I think one will see them in your eyes and smile! (And an email is fine )

  4. Good reminders in this busy life. I find less time every day to do those important little things! x

  5. Dear Penny,
    same here - having so much to do - but feeling more content when I remember enjoying it - and time appears to expand then.