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Thursday 28 March 2013

Happy Easter!

"It is winter proper; the cold weather, such as it is, has come to stay. I bloom indoors in the winter like forced forsythia; I come in to come out..." 
Annie Dillard 


  1. I'd never before read that quote - a very good one!
    Good morning, Britta - I hope your day is a good one! I'm just off to bed.

  2. Dear Pondside,
    I found the quote surprisingly appropriate :-)
    Have a good nights sleep!

  3. Oh forsythia! At present forsythia shrubs are beautiful with shining yellow flowers here. It is the first time I've ever heard this quote. I think it is really good!! I came back home yesterday and read your previous post too. I found the pink hat in it fantastic. I can see something fluffy on the hat. Pink feathers? They look really wonderful!

  4. Dear Saphire,
    I thought it funny how the forsythia was fighting its way through the fence. You are lucky to see them in bloom - the photo is not from this year: we still have snow... When the forsythia flowers I will cut my roses on the balcony.
    The "fluffy" on the pink hat is (sorry, if you are against fur) fox. And that is the part my milliner will change for silver-white fox, because the fluffy is -- too --- fluffy pink :-) (for everyday wear - now it will become a sweet collar).

  5. Happiest Easter, dear Britta.

  6. What a lovley saying! And I adore that pop of bright flaming yellow over the fence. Happy Easter to you dear. Minerva ~

  7. Dear Minerva,
    thank you! Hope that real sunshine follows.

  8. Happy Easter to you my dear Britta.
    No snow here but a lot of rain, too much rain!
    I'll need a boat if doesn't stop raining!!!
    Bisous, Babi

  9. Dear Babi,
    thank you - and a Happy Easter to you! Rain: that's what I told people here when they complained about the snow: a little bit warmer - and the snow will be rain!
    But I hope the rain stops, so you can go into the garden to search for Easter-eggs.
    Bisous, Britta

  10. Happy Easter Britta. Hope you get some warmth soon. Of course that means it will be cold here! x

    1. Dear Penny,
      thank you for sharing some sunrays! Maybe we could come to very nice temperatures for both of us :-)