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Saturday 30 March 2013

Biedermeier Currant Bread

You need an iron constitution to get over so many festivities as in the last four months. So: Happy Easter! 
When I came back from a wonderful weekend in Munich (happy that each time the flights were only one hour late because of the snow), I had to enter the place where in ye olde days a woman had her place: the kitchen.  
Son & DiL had hinted politely but firm that they were longing for the annual "Biedermeier Korinthenbrot" - a speciality that it is so called because it is modest (not too much sugar, not too many currants - though I throw a few more into it :-) and aromatic (by vanilla sugar and  lemon peel, but - you guess it already: not too much). 
The bread as such does not look modest: it is enormous, shockingly voluptuous (no, I didn't mean volumnious, which it is too) : 

I always cut it in two parts - and half of it goes to Munich. 
But I have to plan like a Prussian: on Good Friday (almost) nobody is working. 
And the post nowadays is not as reliable as it - once upon a time - had been. So: if I take the risk and send the Easter-Bread on Thursday it might happen that it will not arrive on Saturday - and then - oops - they will get an After-Easter-Bread; because Sunday and Monday (almost) nobody is working. 
(Crumbly dry cake reminds me of of a typical story fabricated by my sweet grandma - the working(wo)man - : with the best intentions she sent my father a parcel with home-baked cake from Göttingen, Germany, in war-time, to Madagascar, his first POW-station before England. It took some time... :-).  
So I baked on Wednesday. Packed it. Paid extra postage to be sure that it will arrive in time. 
And - after a few difficulties too laborious to tell (here I cut the story, not only the bread) it arrived in good condition.   

Happy Easter! 


  1. Funny that we both had a little postal twist to our posts. I am going to look for this Easter bread because it sounds like something that I have had and enjoyed.....

  2. Dear Pondside,
    but your post-lady was so much cuter and friendlier!
    Maybe you have eaten such an Easter-bred if you have been in Schwaben - when we lived there for 3 years I got the recipe.

  3. Seems to be so delicious!!!
    I'd like to have the recipe ...
    Iron rabbis are magnific, j'adore!
    Have a great week.
    Bisous, Babi

  4. Dear Babi,
    the bread has vanished quicker than expected.
    The iron rabbits I saw on a market in the Botanical Garden in Berlin. Have a beautiful week too, and more sunshine! Bisous, Britta