Britta's Letters from (and sometimes about) Berlin

Thursday, 13 September 2012


Dear YOU,Britta Huegel

so you are off to holidays in sunnier climes, while I strain my ears to hear the sound of cranes and geese flying over our house: a special service, crane-subscription so to speak - they did it in Hildesheim, Hamburg and Berlin. Yes, one cannot deny it: we have gossamer - (in Germany it is called "Old Wives Summer", because of the soft silver gossamers that flie through the air - but I will not allow that to depress me :-).
Today we still have a beautiful sunny day, but you can feel a certain crispness under the warm rays of the sun, the light is becoming a bit more mellow, and the flower-sellers offer chrysanthemums and asters. I will NOT buy  chrysanthemums now - to early, I think (but when I am ready then it might be too late).
People can't wait anymore. OK - you don't have to remind me that I am also no model for patience either - but I do like seasons. And abhor Christmas cookies in Supermarkets in September (yes! yes! they start now!)
So we might follow your example and make a hasty departure because of that too. With SON&DIL somewhere sunny. (Don't tell me not to mention the precise date on Facebook - I know that otherwise I might have time to ponder on this 'pearl of wisdom' I found in Rohan Candappas' funny "Little Book Of Wrong Shui":

Attract visitors to your home by placing stereo, video and computer equipment where they can be seen from the road. 

Seems to me he forgot to mention the new iPhone 5   :-)

Yours ever 


  1. Hello Britta:
    Any mention of Chrysanthemums and we are reminded of that wonderful, throw away line given to Maggie Smith in the film version of 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie' and delivered with such panache, and not a little venom:

    "Chrysanthemums, such serviceable flowers!"

    WE regard them in the same light.

  2. Dear Jane and Lance,
    in one sentence you mention two of my very, very beloved ones: Maggie Smith and 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie'! And of course I will pick up your quote: "Chrysanthemums, such serviceable flowers!"

  3. Hmm. I don't remember my mom ever mentioning old wives' summer. Maybe she didn't want to put old and wife together in the same sentence, especially with my dad listening nearby.

    For some reason, I've always thought of chrysanthemums as funeral flowers, but I like them in my garden anyway.

    I hope you have a wonderful time on your vacation.

  4. Dear Walk2write,
    I feel like your mother. And it might be the scent of the chrysantemums? Though they are (in their stiffness)beautiful flowers. In a garden they grow in a more natural stature - not those big artificial balls from the garden center - and then I like them very much.

  5. It's beautiful where we are right now. Perhaps one day you and Hans will sit on our front porch with us. And come October, when the leaves start to turn, well, you can't beat it.

  6. Dear Sue,
    we would like to sit there gladly - and I hope vice versa! Before October comes, we'll follow the swallows for a few warm days.
    I see you have a new picture, great!

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