Britta's Letters from (and sometimes about) Berlin

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Amateur Cooks

Britta Huegel

Dear YOU, 

you asked me about my week-end.
It was - well - interesting...
As you know, for more than half a year I am member of a Literary Circle in Berlin - eight women always meet in the evening on the first Saturday of the month to discuss a novel, we always meet at the same person's villa (Why? The Circle exists since 11 years, so I don't dare to ask - they always did it like that), and always one of the women cooks.
Now it was my turn.
Can you imagine that it was the first time in my life that I had to cook for eight persons? When we have guests, we are four or six - or it is a party. Of course I cooked in my student's day for a crowd, and also for Son and his friends - but then it was a big pot of Spaghetti or Chili con Carne.
Now I started on Friday to cook a delicious Red Lentil soup with sour cream; on Saturday I fried a big portion of Thai chicken with Peanut sauce, prepared a beautiful salad, baked freshly baked bread, and conjured my famous Mousse au cholcolat (With very dark chocolat, because Wolfram Siebeck said: "If children want a second portion, it is too sweet.")

People told me that it had been a beautiful Saturday, temperatures almost as in Summer :-)

But the real adventure started when Husband brought me, the shopping trolley and the big bag down to the taxi cab.

As I promised that my letters will be short, I'll stop here and say:       To be continued. 

Yours aff.


  1. Hello Britta:
    This all seems to us very ambitious, but then we seldom if ever cook at all. That said, we should be very keen to attend the literary group if this is the usual kind of dinner.

    We do trust that we are not to read in the next letter of some impending disaster!

    1. Dear Jane and Lance,
      the thing is: they were all so fabulous cooks (which I enjoyed when they served the meals :-) No, do not fear for the sequel: I love to cook and I don't confound sugar with salt - the story has to do with the taxi cab.

  2. Ha! Not fair! Thought it is a perfectly good way to keep us coming back for more.

    I love Siebeck's observation. Devilishly clever.

    1. Dear Suze,
      I do everything to lure you into my Internet!
      Wolfram Siebeck is a German (amateur) cook, a bit snobbish, but witty.

  3. Dear Britta,

    Delighted to find you at your new spot. Happy to hear about your literary life in Berlin. You are enjoying it right?

    You have been mentioned in my blog as part of my 100th post.


  4. Dear Britta,
    Oh my goodness ........ what a daunting task to cook for eight people but it sounds as if you did a wonderful job ....... I would have loved to have sat down to that meal....delicious !
    I love Berlin. Our son was in Magdeburg for a year for his university course so we often went to see him and loved Berlin.
    Thanks so much for your comment today and for following me. It's always lovely to meet new people. XXXX

  5. Dear Jacqueline,
    thank you for your answer and for following me!
    I was just pressing the button of the sequel, when your comment popped in. Don't worry: normally I write 'only' 2 - 3 times a week.
    Did your son enjoy Magdeburg? It is great to see a lot of the world, and studying in another town brings even more autonomy and deeper insights than a holiday.