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Sunday 28 August 2022

More Structure for my Blog?

More than once I changed my blog, but I confess that after a time I returned to a mix of everything that moves me. 

Some of you blog every day - and thus write a sort of diary. 

Some of you do great research for their articles and dive in deep; others specialise on one or two topics. 

I like the form Urspo ("Spo-reflections") uses: special topics or questions on chosen days of the week - but I neither want to be a copycat of him - as our great poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe described in Faust: 

You’ll sit forever, gluing things together,
Cooking up a stew from other’s scraps,
Blowing on a miserable fire,
Made from your heap of dying ash. 

nor do I intend to write 3 or 4 times a week. 

But maybe I can give my blog a bit more structure, for example with these headlines:  

1) What made me laugh this week (or angry - THAT one is easy, living in a foolish world - but as my dear friendandwhatsoever late Barefoot Doctor said: "What you focus on grows", thus I choose to smile). 

2) Remarkable quote(s) I found this week 

3) HomeBasics (title of my book, and here patching up useful tips for household and everyday life) 

4) Nature... and culture this week (including books I read, movies I watch, music I listen to, or exhibitions or a walk through the wood, a special flower or wild thing). 

I'll give it a try right away. Last week: 

1) What made me laugh: 

I laughed when at the return from Zoutelande in the Netherlands I got this postcard from my Berlin friend Christine: 

Rough translation -                        
ALMOST  (written as if it is the name of a famous city or posh bathing resort) 

                                           I'd have experienced something!

(Hahaha - the dream of all travellers, tourists and explorers. And then you sit somewhere on your handkerchief in the sand.  :-)  

2) Remarkable quote: 

"I'm no longer an emotional homeless person" 

(Michel Friedman, publicist, in an interview of DIE ZEIT)   

3) HomeBasics 

This I can put as well into "What made me laugh": 

in Germany our government surpasses each other with ideas to save energy in autumn and winter (US of course, while THEY ride their fat official limousines). 

You might have read the "short shower advice" given by our minister of economic affairs, Robert Habeck. And now (I swear this is no joke!) you'll find articles in newspapers like: "To Wash Oneself - a Self-Experiment for One Week"(really! I do not make this or the following valuable tip up!!) that reads: "How to use a wash-cloth". 

4) Nature and culture: 

Today I turned nature: 

into culture: 


That was very much appreciated by Son, DiL and the triplets - served with whipped cream... 

Now I need your honest Feedback, please! 


  1. I enjoy all of your blogs. Sometimes you write of places you have been; sometimes your family; sometimes observations of life; sometimes quotes... I could go on. You give us a peek into the window of your life and I like it.

  2. Thank you so much, Mimmylynn! Maybe it is more spontaneous if I do it the way I used to write - I will listen to what the comments say. Writing is a joy, "talking" with you all, thank you!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank yo, Rachel - 'spontaneous' might have the benefit of surprise. I'll mull it over.

  4. I'm happy to accompany you on whatever meandering path you take. Perhaps give it a whirl for a bit and see if you can maintain the momentum? Best laid plans ..., and all that :)

    I like the unexpected nature of most blogs, like not knowing if one's to expect a postcard or a letter with some newspaper clippings and written on interesting notepaper in your letterbox, and whatever the formula and for however long you wish to try it, I'm sure you'll continue to furnish us with wit & erudition and a flavour of the life European.

    Speaking of, I'd heard, by the by, about Germany's sponge-bath advice but I hadn't realised it came in the form of Instructionals! I rather thought your government might be the type to say to the baffled, "Use your imagination, people!"

    1. I love to have friends who are eager to find out something new, Pip! When I was very young I was kind of shy and my courageous girl friend, Roswitha always called in baby language: "Tom, Bridd, tom!" (not being able to speak a "c" for "come" or "t" in Britt)
      I think about a structure because I fear two things while getting older:
      1. talking only about ME - and 2. getting the grumpy part in the popular play "Ain't it awful?".
      Though of course a lot is - but a lot has been awful before too. I remember the signs on B&Bs "Accommodation with washbasin in your room" in the Sixties.

      The Government first gave advice in form of role-models:
      "I never showered longer than five minutes in my life" said Mr. Habeck - though our taciturn Chancellor confessed to be a "Warmduscher" (showering with warm water - funny: the term "Warmduscher" in Germany has a double meaning, derisive for a coward).
      Now they sit and ponder to make a law for their unreasonably stubborn subjects - maybe to forbid private pools and saunas, and close public swimming pools (in time of the pandemic a lot of children did not learn to swim!).
      Maybe we soon have a new career: "controller*in"
      (male form + non-binary (= gender related Asterix) + female form) - this writing style HAS to be used (by law!!) in official language each and every time!!!!
      Horace Walpole and Jean de La Bruyère might combat who thought up the famous quote: "Life is a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who feel", while I veil my head and let you guess whether I weep or snigger...

    2. "Kontrolleur*in against misspending water, gas and other energy except paper and ink for "male + * + female wording"

  5. Oh, please, just write Britta. Look back; you'll get it in a second.

    1. Sometimes one needs to be reminded by a friend who is able to step two steps away and thus see a clearer picture, Joanne! Thank you!

  6. "I'd have experienced something!" Absolulely!! it is the dream of all travellers, tourists and regular human beings. Otherwise we never expand and grow beyond our own backyard.

    1. Dear Helen, yes, that is the aim of travelling (though sometimes it might also be finding silence or restfulness). And one has always something to observe, compare and learn.

  7. A hearty welcome to John Peters, a new follower here. Thank you for joining my blog!

  8. Your writing is always interesting Britta. Sometimes you share a lovely walk in the Bavarian countryside and later a visit to Berlin city spots. Keep writing about topics that please you first and foremost because when you are happy it shines through in your writing.

  9. Dear Susan, I am really glad to read your friendly lines! I will follow your advice and those in the comments above - and now that I jumped into the water (of writing :-) I feel good again and will swim on.

  10. I don't think too deeply about my blog Britta ..... if I think of something to write about, I do a post and that's it ! Just go with what makes you happy and interests you I say. XXXX

    1. Dear Jackie, I often think whether I should write or not - I enjoy it, but there are obstacles (understandably I cannot post about the triplets, and personal questions are also tricky), I ponder whether I do not overstrain the patience and time of my readers, if I blog too much - thus it is not easy for me (except the time I need for writing in a different language).
      But on the other hand I enjoy it very, very much, and your comments are all like those from a group of friends - so I will continue (and keep in mind that my "followers" are adult and will determine themselves how much they want to read :-) XXXX