Britta's Letters from (and sometimes about) Berlin

Saturday, 5 March 2022

In spite of it all...


The morning-view from my window leads to thoughts about all the grief in the world, and the feeling like cats on a hot tin roof: 


But there is always something that is beautiful too: 

            In spite of all I wish you a beautiful weekend!



  1. Is it only two weeks ago that our thoughts and concerns were still focused on the Pandemic and its aftermath?

  2. I wish you too a beautiful weekend Brrita.

  3. I know we should be thinking about the tragedies in Myanmar, Ukraine and Covid hospitals, but you are right - there is always something that is beautiful too.

    I met the Sisterhood for lunch, sitting outside in the very warm March sunshine. We had a large table, enough space to share our memories from school (mid 1960s), university (late 1960s) and early family life (early-late 1979s). Old friends are great friends.

  4. There certainly is. And a beautiful weekend to you, too, Britta.

  5. Silly cats in full argumentative face!
    You have a good weekend, too.

  6. This morning is Sunday - and I thank you all together with one wide hug.

    Yes, Rosemary: the Flying Dutchman in the Netherlands and I here in Germany, we noticed what you say too - and both were a bit surprised that in TV (different from newspapers) the theme pandemic was not mentioned at all for three days - not at all. Strange.
    And Helen, isn't it a big grace that you know each other for such a long time? It is utterly good to be with old friends to share what we experienced in our lives. And it is a gift when we make new friends and get some often surprising input.
    Best if we can meet each other in person (one "good" thing the pandemic taught us to value more) - preferably at a long table in the sun - but also fine if we can talk with them via cellphone, WhatsApp, letter, mail or blog.
    The cats sat here in the sun on the roof of an old farm, Joanne - I did some pictures "on the go", but am not satisfied, because the blackness of these cats and the shadows intermingled.
    Thank you all!

  7. We are living in dark/difficult times. 2 tragic events, one following the other. Friends and family do provide solace and seeking out natures beauty is important. Hugs to you too Britta.

    1. Dear Susan, that is exactly how we all feel - exhausted. We all hoped, that the pandemic will be over soon, now the next disaster is added, and both are not over.
      And yet we are safe at the moment - and the pity for those poor people who have lost almost every thing is eating up our joie de vivre by feeling guilty that we are well-off.