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Wednesday, 18 March 2020

I Stayed At Home

Sorry to let you in the dark: I had cancelled my flight to Amsterdam.

We thought it too risky - Schiphol is a huge airport with oh so many tourists from all nations - and though I missed a very special birthday, I am content with our decision.

You know: hopefully age is giving us a little more wisdom (Does it? Look around --- well... I  sometimes wonder...)

So I sit at home. Well - I do not sit all the time - I made provisions for long lonely days not by buying bulks of toilet paper (so I bought some), but in "Soul food":


... which means painting with water colour  (I bought more colours and brushes)


Yep - my fitnesses studio closed. I can do it at home. (though not THAT!)

And: this poster at my entrance door:

to give us all poise and decency and kindness - and reassuring thoughts...

As do:

Lots of spring flowers on my balcony...

Also important:

Something to work my brain... (I have a lot of books too, real ones, not only in the cloud)

I have the following video on Whats-App, but do not know how the bring it here "live":

Hilarious - I have them all on DVD (not in the cloud...) I need humour!

And of course I am not reckless - I take precautions!

Haha - too much - I was overcautious - I cannot drink my coffee!!! I need the proverbial "last straw" to drink it!!!


Take care! but live! Be cautious - but keep your joy of living! Be kind!

Best wishes for you all!   Britta XXX


  1. Thank you Britta. Best thing to do, stay home. Happy birthday whenever it may be.

  2. Mine is on December 29, but thank you nevertheless, Rachel!

  3. Any excuse not to visit Schipol airport is good enough for me. It's a horrible place.

  4. It is very crowded, yes. And - same as in the tube or Ubahn: people don't keep the simplest hygienic rules - never, and not in time of corona. Disgusting!

  5. I have the same Keep Calm and Carry on sign - these are unprecedented times that we are all living through which seem to get worse with each day that passes - I love your photo though, it made me smile.

    1. Thank you Rosemary! Your blog is an inspiration for me too: I read it to plan our trip to England in July/August - I believe in it. And it is almost as good as a real journey - makes me dream, your beautiful photos!

  6. You are funny, and careful. Stay safe.

    1. Same to you, Joanne! I love your wit and humor! Take care!

  7. I am glad I found your blog today, I love your humor and good spirits. Very cute of your head wrapped in a towel, possibly a new fashion trend. Come on over and say hi on my blog.

  8. Dear Terra, thank you! My comment went into the air (but my followership on your blog will have been received, I hope!) So my answer again: Thank you for your kind words!