Britta's Letters from her life divided between city-life in German's capital Berlin and life in a Bavarian village

Saturday 22 June 2019


When I came to university last week, I saw him at once.
Do you remember one of my old posts about the wooden fox (who then disappeared?)

 I am curious, always wanted to know things precisely.
(Well - why you English have the saying "Curiosity kills the cat" I found out later, under different circumstances - in another Life...)

So: I asked around. The janitor told me that someone had stolen the sculpture.

Now there stood this one.

He didn't look quite young.  Wiser, white hair over night (well - over a few month).
A fox in sheepskin?

I went and - of course, being me - touched him.
Stone cold.
So: This time it will be much -- heavier --- to steal him!

Wednesday 19 June 2019

Gritting my Teeth...

It is so hot in Berlin (I like that, I am NOT complaining) that one needs little gentle pushes to keep the circulation going.
One push into the right direction is this advertising in front of the HUGE KaDeWe. Our most luxurious shop in Berlin.
So - what will our hip Berlin advertisers tell us?

- Will they remind me of my dentist-appointment tomorrow? (Yes, after 8 years of being utterly true I changed my Hamburgian wonderful dentist to a hopefully also wonderful dentist in Berlin - the journey by train is too long, and the fare pretty high).
And: I want to meet my Hamburgern friends from now on without a swollen lip - hope they will recognise me... :-)

- Or: will they remind me that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder? (If so - sorry boys: I will NOT buy that lipstick - thank you, but thank you no !)

- Or: will they remind me of Shakespeare's famous lines :"There are more things between heaven and earth, Horatio/ Than are dreamt of in your philosophy" ? 

- Or are they jumping on the band waggon of "diversification"? Only Germany, I think, can have such an extended debate on putting officially an " * " between our gender-specified words like "StudentInnen"  (Student, der = male; Studentin, die = female - and, being fair: officially and short "StudentInnen", pl - thus demonstrating that there are men AND women who study - and now they fight for the rights of the  third " * " group of transgender people. We are asked to write that into each and every text, dear "reader- * -resse".

OK - their only aim might be to catch my attention. True: they have it.


Sunday 9 June 2019

A Few Days in Tirol, Austria

We were so lucky: the weather in Austria was utterly fine, and thus The Flying Dutchman was able to show me many places where he had stopped with his parents on their way to Italy - long time ago.

The little village... and vibrant nature...

A Wallfahrtskirche that was a bit spooky (inside) ...

But outside the sun and after a good icecream-coffee ...

... the scary impression was blown away... like dandelions ...

...waterfalls ...

We went up to a mountain in Hopfgarten, the Hohe Salve, that is over 1800 m high

...flying lightly with the cable car (if that is the right expression for Seilbahn)

...over huge snow field (but it was hot!) - and then:
                                                What a sight!

Wednesday 5 June 2019

You See What You Want to See

When you come back from a holiday - and this was a short one, just a week in Bavaria and Austria - it might happen that you see things in an utterly different way.

At least for a while.

Or you might forget what seemed to be a huge problem before. In the last week I had completley forgotten the chaos in our "Hinterhof" (Hinterhof is how Berliners call the huge backyard - if it looks like ours).

Before I left I thought: that is an invitation for burglars. Then I forgot.

It all depends on the way how you see the world:
pessimists would say: "Britta - I must warn you - that might be the start of dementia!" (Sorry, what did you say? And, by the way: who are you?)
The ones with the rosy- tinted glasses (or the Buddhists, who are no optimists) say:

"You see what you want to see."

So: life is about perception, and finding balance.