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Sunday, 2 September 2018

Do less, get more

Yesterday I went to Dussmann in Friedrichstra├če - oh no: not a simple bookshop! - it calls itself a "Kulturkaufhaus" - a shop to buy culture, mmmh, mmm, mmh - would be a nice thing for some people in Germany...
It has a special section, the "English Bookshop" - and that most often gives me ideas, and I seldom leave with only one book.
(Nowadays - even if you buy for more than 20 Euros - they give you the book you paid for over the counter, just like that.
Then I put on what I call my Freiherr von Knigge-glance -- very haughty, very severe - and ask: "Will you PLEASE put it into a little paper bag, dear?"
(I had to ask at Peek&Cloppenburg too, where I bought an Armani-dress for summer: they put the dress into my hand and thought that I would walk away with it, just like that!
And if you do not pay attention, they forget to give you the receipt too - I mean: with all the security guards and detectives around: how will you prove you really paid for it??
The book above is a reminder:
spend more time on things you love - and not on chores you think you have to do.

And that reminded me that I love blog-writing (even if I have - as everybody else - little time) - and that I should just try to keep it simple, not being a perfectionist about photos e.g.

So I will give my blog-writing what they call it in modern relationship-babble:



  1. The thing is that you have many things you love. It will be hard to give them all their proper attention.

  2. True, Emma! But I can give less to those things I do not love that much.

  3. Distractions are wonderful, Joanne - I let them happen, and am against too over-planned personal time-tables!

  4. My fault is that I sometimes give those things too much attention at the expense of more pressing, lesser issues.

    1. I (most times) do not see that as a fault - in the end we are glad about things we dared to do (and not about creaseless striking a t-shirt :-)

  5. Nowadays one has to pay for the bag, regardless of the purchase value. So, they don't always feel at ease asking for the pennies.

    1. In Berlin it depends, DUTA: stores like Uniqlo or the KaDeWe gives you big paperbags, and I think that a store which just sold a dress for a lot of money cannot expect that I bring it back to my home in the same bag (that I always have with me - I try what I can to avoid plastic, and that for many, many years) in which I transport fish and cheese and potatoes. I see it as a thoughtful and polite gesture by them - of course I have the pennies - but they just got the Pounds!

  6. There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval. Santayana.

  7. I flit from one thing to another without problem.

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