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Saturday 9 July 2016

Shivering in Hull? (Warning to "very conservative children": Film will show painted naked people)

I just  read a book by Virginia Ironside, very amusing, about getting older (and the fun of it). Included is a chapter called: "Boring for Britain."
Now I found another hobby people can indulge in: Shivering for Britain.
See: I discovered an article in the Guardian: more than people in East Yorkshire this morning took part in an Art project in Hull, by photographer Spencer Tunick. Naked, their bodies were painted blue and green, (and maybe the the cold at 3 am has deepened the hue of blue?). One man, 80 now, is part of his installations for the 20th time.

"He said he did get a little chilly during the shoot, but added it was nothing compared to Tunick’s installation in Dublin in the summer of 2008. “That was frightening,” he said. “My children are very conservative. They don’t think it’s totally proper to have their father’s butt on a museum wall, but I love it.” Janssen said it will be the last time he takes part in one of Tunick’s works."  The Guardian 

Imagine: the shot took about 3 hours!


  1. I can't think of anything I'd enjoy less - well, perhaps being covered in mud for such a shoot. Perhaps this will help people to shift their attention from political woes.

  2. They should get them to run across that big bridge they've got over there. And back again. It's all pointless.

  3. What delightful and well-organized installation! Everyone looks so happy --truly a little sea of humanity.

  4. An incredible artist. He is putting together a shoot for the Republican National Convention. Serves them right.

  5. What I find incredible is the man who is in all three. As he is a part of history his children should be proud.

  6. Dear You,
    isn't it interesting how many different reactions one work of art can evoke (or provoke)? As Geo. writes: a sea of humanity - and I add: that demands some sacrifices of comfortableness, makes you vulnerable, and the outcome is not always sure. But one thing will be: the participants will never forget their appearance, I am sure.

  7. I think this is an amazing and creative art project...I love it!!

    I wish you a wonderful start to the week :)

    1. Thank you! Seeing your "name" makes me always smile!

  8. Wow! Seeing all of those people painted as blue (and green) as the ocean "floods" me with emotions. Really cool. Er, cold. They must have been cold standing there for that long... Still, it makes me smile.