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Friday, 26 December 2014

Joanne Noragon's beautiful handwoven Etsy Scarves

©Brigitta Huegel

©Brigitta Huegel

This was a very special Christmas gift to myself:
as soon as I saw that Joanne Noragon had opened up her virtual Etsy Shop, I not only liked that on Facebook, but, of course, ordered the only

                    PINK SCARF                                       

instantly. (Sorry Mise, I was quicker!)
It arrived in due time from America, much earlier than I had expected.
And it is oh so beautiful!
And oh so soft and warm - I LOVE IT! 
It has character, is individual, handmade and of visible quality. Already two unacquainted women in Berlin asked me where I had bought it, and I happily gave them the link:

If you look into that shop, you have to hold yourself back not to snatch a lot more of her beautiful creations! Joanne is a very industrious woman, with many years of weaving knowledge, and you can find the history of that on her blog "Cup on the Bus".

For me the most astonishing thing is that something so beautiful materialized "out of the air": I know Joanne only via the Internet -

but now the link between imagination and touch is there -
something for the senses -

thank you, Joanne!

PS: I add another photo taken by daylight, because above the lamp-light changed the colour of the scarf very much. Since a few years we have an (awful) law in Germany that forbids selling the oldfashioned lightbulbs - instead we have to buy energy-saving bulbs (which kill especially red colours - and people, if they fall down on the ground and break - no joke: they are highly poisonous and can contaminate a whole room). Now the politicians simply want to sneak out of their responsibilty (and the light industry will be even happier than now: another change, more money!) - and we get the better LEDs, not as cold blue-lighted as before (when I bought a LED- lamp at Ikea, I asked for a second bulb - "Oh no, we don't sell them - when this bulb dies after twenty years, you have to buy a new lamp!" Insanity - but eco-friendly (they told us that about the poisonous too).


  1. Thank you, Birgitta. You make it look very nice. You remind me of something very fun about unique and handmade garments--people who admire them cannot rush out and buy one for themselves.
    Enjoy, enjoy.

  2. Dear Joanne, that's why I love good hand-made things so much: they are unique, and some of the energy of the maker flows into it. So I can give away your link without any hesitation: there will run no double in Berlin :-)
    Please notice that I put another photo, taken by daylight, as a PS to the post.

  3. You look so lovely, Brigitta, in that beautiful scarf. It's hard to get a true sense of the color from the photos, but I will definitely go to Joanne's website to check out her scarves. How could I NOT check out scarves. It would be anathema to my French blood, n'est-ce pas??

    Have a very happy New Year, my friend.

    Cheers, M-T

  4. Dear M-T,
    thank you! The scarves are lovely, and the other products look very enticing too!
    I think that Joanne gives true-colour-impressions in her Etsy-shop-photos. Mine above is in real life (the third photo shows it best) more a magenta than a pink - but a soft one, broken up by the white threads, so it is not harsh, but becoming.

  5. Brigitta, you look gorgeous in Joanne's scarf. As to light bulbs, we have the same problem here. I suspect it has to do with most of the world's tungsten coming from China --a backdoor embargo that makes the old ecologically friendly incandescent bulbs a rarity everywhere.

    1. Dear Geo.,
      thank you! I knew about Tungsten (Wolfram here), but not about a China embargo. As I am very sensitive about colours, you should (or better not) hear me in a photoshop, when they have printed the photo too 'warm' (yellow) instead of 'cold'... (They try another version then, voluntarily :-)

  6. What a wonderful scarf Britta …. there are so many talented people out there in Blogland, aren't here ?
    …. and many thanks for your lovely comment over at mine. It is always a pleasure to read your blog and I count you as one of my blogging ' friends '.
    Here's to a wonderful 2015 and more blogging friendship. Much love. XXXX

    1. Dear Jackie,
      thank you! Joanne is really a marvel, and I like her history.
      I'm honoured to be a blogging friend, Jackie - and always indulge in your posts. And as I said: sometimes the blogland visions materialise.
      (See -> Tom S.).

  7. I love pink and I love scarves. :)
    Happy holidays to you!

  8. Dear Super Lux,
    thank you! Yes: pink is a wonderful. gentle and young colour.
    I wish you happy holidays too!

  9. Dear Britta,

    A lovely scarf, and a lovely model! The color suits you well.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and here's wishing you all the best in the new year.

    1. Dear Susan,
      thank you! Christmas was beautiful, and today, on my birthday, it snowed. I wish you a Happy New Year too!