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Thursday, 28 November 2013

They Pinched my Purse - But Not my Spirit

Dear You, 
I was happy this morning when I read Susan's comment:

"Oh dear Britta... Watch for your little green notebook of thoughts to become a best seller. A quote or two within will touch the heart of the hardened thief and bring him to write and right! Well... Maybe! I am so sorry for your trouble and aggravation. I hope all is sorted out. Warm thoughts to you...Susan" 

Which was a consolation, and reminded me that I wanted to write letters to you, instead 'Waffle on Raffle'. (Proudly slap my back for that one, haha). 
So I'll start anew. 
When I stared into my handbag yesterday and could not find my purse, I knew that very moment it had been nicked. I can't say why, but I knew. Not a nice feeling - (though interesting that the first and only time it happened before, long ago, there I had felt a cold grip at my heart - this time I was shocked, but not horrified. Rod Stewart might be right - "The First Cut is the Deepest") 
Shocked I was yesterday - not only because I had quite a lot of money in my purse, not only because I thought of the legwork I will have to do, but because someone had entered my privacy - (and sorry to say: in the spectrum of characteristics I am in many items far on the alpha male side - though not my legs, thank you very much :-) - so maybe the Tao wants to teach me a Lesson to work on: getting mellow while ripening...  
So: shock first, anger later. (Mellow, girl, mellow!
Anger at myself - normally I am quite careful (not cautious or anxious): and I took my handbag with me when I went to order the coffee in the Coffee Shop. But then the room was so crowded, and the armchairs so small (now we have our winter coats and caps and scarves and gloves to put somewhere - and no cloakroom, of course. We all sit with our mugs in all that clutter and try not to dribble the cappuccino on it... 
Till then the day had been so nice, though hectic: I had not only managed to wrap 24 little packages for Son and daughter-in-love (thank you again, Susan, for this wonderful word I learned from you!). You know: each year something deeply mysterious happens when I try to discuss abolishing Advent calenders : my children have fallen into the Fountain of Youth - are twelve years old again and thus need it - so I collect the items over the year (and love it)... Yesterday I had also baked my 'Ultimate Brownies' - I do that only once a year (Lesson: make something rare, and people long for it...)  
But I disgress: 
after the post office, I lunched with a friend in a little Italian restaurant, then in the Coffee Shop we chatted, forgetting the rest of the world.  
But into that cold world I was brought back with a bump - nothing is perfect (for long).  
Being one who tries to see the silver lining, I think now: Good that I took the more expensive dinner - and Had-I-But-Known I would have ordered champagne. 
Drawing a more general lesson from that: shouldn't we always? Order champagne? But you and I know: then there would be no money left for Advent calenders, postage stamps, or brooms - which reminds me, my dear, that I will now tidy and clean our flat - I want to restore order where I have control... (Stop that smart-alecky sniggering, dust bunnies!
And you, Dear You: have a beautiful day - and clutch your hand bag, as Moomin Mama always does! 



  1. I had my financial identity stolen earlier this year. When I filed federal income tax, I was told someone had filed ahead of me using my name and social security number. It took forever to straighten out and was quite unnerving. So I applaud and appreciate your determination that they cannot pinch your spirit. There is an admirable strength in you!

  2. Dear Geo.,
    that must have been a great shock - and lots of trouble - to have one's financial identity stolen! It sounds like a very spooky novel - an un-nice Doppelgänger. How can one do it - is there no protection of name+ social security number?
    Compared to that my loss was small - I was really relieved when the bank banned the two Mastercards.
    As to strength: it does me good to hear that - even strong people need a bit of stroking sometimes :-) - so thank you so much! Britta

  3. Dear Britta... I think you handled your unfortunate encounter with the "handbag heisters" with humor and grace. I am delighted that my words truly spoke to you. I think we often hear or read words, but as with Teflon ...they simply slide off. I was sorry to read of Geo's identity theft. It is much too common here in the States for many reasons. By now you should have banished your dust bunnies to the far corners.. I do hope you at least had some lovely music in the background. Sending you smiles and good wishes for a lovely weekend....Warm regards, Susan

  4. Dear Susan,
    thank you! I love words - and to find those in a foreign language that really appeal to me is great! (It is always like walking on thin ice when I write in English - grammar, humour - one never knows for quite certain :-)
    I often clean with music on - so much cheerier. And as a dear friend comes to visit me on Monday, the work was even more satisfying.
    Have a beautiful weekend