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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Susan Caines - Finds on a Flea Market in Devizes

Today only a 'quickie', I'll travel to Bremen tomorrow and still haven't packed.
When we stopped our narrowboat in Devizes, I had the chance not only to view the impressing Norman church tower and a beautiful medieval house (and the brewery Wadworth, of course), but also the 'Flea Market & Collector's Fair', and as always I bought what I liked. The picture above shows a daintily etched cat - beautifully framed by the artist herself. (The colours are more beautiful than here). It is no. 38/75  of   "Catnap." Signature: "S. Caines".
On the back of the frame I found Susan Caines old address and telephone number in Bristol.
"Well", I thought, "I like it. It costs less than a coffee in a coffee shop. If it is worthless, it doesn't matter: I will hang it as a signal that I take just that: "A catnap" (which I seldom do).
At home I learned that Susan Caines belongs to the 'Bath Society of Artists' .
 In 1995 was elected a member of the Royal West of England Academy of Art and in 1999 was given a show at the R.W.A Galleries. At around this time became a member of the Bath Society of Artists. Moved from Bristol to Brighton in 1995.
Exhibited at International Art Fairs, the R.W.A., Royal Academy of Art London. The Discerning Eye London, Brighton Art Fair, Brighton Festival. Work shown by The Ainscough Contemporary Art London. Lena Boyle Fine Art London. The R.W.A. Bristol, the Alpha House Gallery. Sherborne Dorset. Currently showing at The Russel Gallery, Putney, London. Ainscough Fine Art London and Rob Whittle Gallery Moseley Birmingham.
Solo Exhibitions: (I'll skip them, if interested, please look at

And the second thing I found (beside beautiful old postcards from British parks) are these: 

There were 100 of free woven silk flowers - given as a free gift of in the 1930's with Kensitas Cigarettes. I bought these above (put them here on a paper) on the cheap. 
Sometimes I surprise myself by my strange actions: imagine: I, as a true lover of flowers - I could have bought about 40 different designs. And what did this women do? Well - you might notice that I brag sometimes (wait for my next post!) - but deep inside I am was a shy person, and modest (don't give a snigger!). So I thought: I cannot be greedy. Others will enjoy them too. I'll take the three I like best. That's it
And that was it. (We had a car! I had the money! But no...) 
End of the story. 
And I love them dearly: so beautiful. Almost  No remorse.  


  1. Catnap *totally* reminds me of my Sophie. And, yes, the colors are always far more brilliant 'in person.' (Hmm. Can you imagine how this translates to all of the wonderful people we know only online?)

  2. Dear Suze,
    it is a gift to be able to catnap everywhere!
    Interesting thought how much more colourful people would be in person - I sometimes think some have more chance to be colourful here, because others will not take away their colours by being louder or more pushy.

  3. What a terrific find Catnap was - the price of a cup of coffee - gone in an instant, but Catnap remains forever.
    Good journey to Bremen - I never pack until the last minute.

  4. Dear Rosemary, just coming back from Bremen I found your comment. Yes, I am happy about the little picture.
    As to packing: a flirtatious man in the train offered to carry my little turquoise Longchamps suitcase down the many steps in Bremen, and I said: "Thank you! But it is heavy!" and he laughed and said: "That's why I offered to carry it. Wow - what have you inside? Three pair of shoes? Eh?" He must have been a connoisseur of women: he was right... and I even packed a pairof long over-knee leather boots :-)