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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Fanfare! My new Website.

Brigitta Huegel
So it is ready: my new website! 
Have a look (yes, we managed to keep the same address as before): 

But that is almost all we kept. 
Thank you so much, Michael Felix Kijac, for the lot of work and ideas you put into it. 

There is more content now, but it is easier to read: 
a short teaser, and then, if you want to know more, you can cklick and see (and if you wish: download) a detailed Pdf
And here comes my plea: 
a professional translator always translates only from the foreign language into his own. 
Here (as in my blogs) I translated from German into English - and am fully aware that you will find a lot of faults: grammar, vocabulary, idioms... 
I would be very, very pleased (yes, really!) when you give me a hint where I have gone wrong. When Michael returns from his journey to Belgrade he will fill in all your corrections. 
Of course I don't expect you to read all those long texts - but if by chance (chance? hahaha) you notice a big blunder, I will be very thankful for your advice. 
Thank you so much! 


  1. Nice website Britta - I am now going to use my extensive knowledge of German to see how you have translated... as if.

  2. Thank you, Tom!
    I rely on your extensive knowledge of English!

  3. Dear Britta,
    first of all ... to answer to your previous post, yes I've missed you! Then WOW your friend is really WOW!!!
    And I LOVE your web site, just take a look, niceeeee...
    Colorful, easy to "navigate", so ... YOU!
    I hope you have spent a wonderful august.
    Bisou, Babi

    1. Dear Babi,
      thank you! I always love your enthusiasm - and am glad that you are here! August was so lovely - real summertime.
      Bisou, Britta

  4. Congrats! The new website looks really sharp!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Dear Sue,
    I'm glad you like it! (And find out that you use the word 'sharp' the same way as we do in Germany).

  7. Dear Britta,

    Congratulations!! What a beautiful website, Britta! It looks really great! The web design is nice and clean and I think it is a good way to show us your future projects too!
    "you will find a lot of faults: grammar, vocabulary, idioms... " Oh no! That's what I want to say about my blog posts and comments(sigh).

  8. Dear Sapphire,
    thank you! My son said, when he looked at my new website, speaking of the design: "Now you have arrived in the 21st century."
    If my English is as immaculate as yours, Sapphire, I am absolutely reassured.

  9. Trying again, as I lost my first comment. The website looks very good. I enjoyed seeing what books you'd translated, and wondered if you'd done one of my favourite Canadian books that was many years ago translated to German and published by Distribooks. Alas, it wasn't you!
    Congratulations on the website!

  10. Dear Pondside,
    thank you for trying again - I sometimes have the same problem: woosh - comment vanished into Nirvana. Then I think for a time to copy it first - then I forget...
    So sad that I hadn't translated your favourite book (of course I am curious which one it was?). Well, maybe another one - would like to,

  11. Britta! Congrats on your new site--sounds like it's just great! BUT--the link doesn't work for me :( I will try again later . . .

  12. Dear Elizabeth,
    I gave that notice further to Michael. In the meantime: if you just google 'Brigitta Huegel' and then click on "Brigitta Hügel - cargo" you will be there. (The first caption 'Willkommen bei..." was my first website, which is now de-activated). Sorry for the inconvenience - it will get 'repaired' soon.

  13. Your website looks great, Britta! I like the overall design as it features a mix of neutral tones and light colors. It's a great decision that you kept it as simple as possible. It has a very soft feature, but it was able to create a deluxe appeal for me.

    Shaunte Rady@ Kirbyworks SEO

    1. Dear Shaunte,
      thank you! I'll give your kind words further to Michael - he has developed it, and knowing each other might have helped. Now I also have visiting cards - two different motifs, so people can choose - which they enjoy and which gives a good starting point to a talk.

  14. It's the graphics that made your website look awesome! Making it simple and easy to navigate is very important if you want to attract more visitors and make them feel comfortable browsing your website. Good job, Michael!

    -Wava Huls @ HFIWebDesign

    1. Thank you! I will pass the compliment on to Michael Felix Kijac.

  15. I like your website, Brigitta! But if you were to ask me, I think you also have to pay attention to the social media buttons. That way, your followers will have a way to find out about your new and upcoming works through their social media accounts, as well as new posts in your websites. I hope that helps!

    Darin Norman @ Nova TP