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Friday, 22 March 2013

You can keep your hat on!

Tomorrow I'll fly to Munich - to visit Son and lovely Daughter-in-Law. 
AND to go to Ina Böckler. 
Ina Böckler is one of the few Grande Dames of milliners in Germany. She made hats for the stars and starlets. And one for me. 
It looks much prettier as in the photo above (and I hope me too - I pout - not very becoming at all, not becoming for the chin). 
But I had a reason. 
There are times when one should try to conform oneself a tiny weeny little bit to one's age. No danger that I will exaggerate that (if - then more into the other direction:-). 
Above I am in the pouts because Son had used an example that convinced even me: 
"Mama", he said, "per se it is a lovely hat. But if I drive a Pontiac Firebird (which he did at that time - the apple never fells far from the tree) I do not paint it pink as an extra." 
Home truth. Now - I think very highly of his advice. So I put the hat in its beautiful blue hatbox. Away. Grinding my teeth. 
And then last summer in Munich I saw that Ina Böckler's hat-atelier was sold to a new milliner. And they do alterations. So yesterday I telephoned. 
And will bring her the hat to change the pink fox ("We'll make a nice collar of it!" she chirped) for a silver-grey fox (my idea). 
I'm really curious if it will work out. 
But I "see it"
And to be forearmed I will read a book on the flight which arrived yesterday: 
"Going Gray. How To Embrace Your Authentic Self With Grace And Style" by Anne Kreamer. 
Ha - never any problem with that. 
So: the fox will be silver - but the remainder of the hat will stay -


  1. Well, I like it pink - but why not have a change?
    I have embraced grey and haven't looked back. My hair colour was nearly black and I believe it is foolish to try to retain colour like that. I rather enjoy my 'highlights'. I hope you'll show off the newly-trimmed hat.

    1. Dear Pondside,
      especially black-haired women get a wonderful grey. I keep the colour of my hair as it grows - so it shines and is soft to the skincolour.

  2. Can't wait to see the result! x

  3. Fantastic hat! I do love hats but as I've gotten older & my hair shorter they don't suit as much. Or maybe I've just not found the right hat! :)

    1. Thank you! I believe too that it is a question of "the right hat", it "hums" to you when you see it ...

  4. Pink with black is my favorite color!
    I love your hat! I love grey too but this one is so wonderful!!!
    So I'll wait to see the resul ...
    Have a great stay in Munich.
    Bisous, Babi

    1. I adore pink - and the cloche will remain so. I found a white to silver fox, and will show the result. A bonus: she makes me a beautiful relined collar from the pink fox - see it accompanying a little black dress... Munich was wonderful, thank you! Bisous!

  5. That might just be the happiest hat I've ever seen, Easter bonnets are few and far between these days. Oh I love white/silver fox, can't wait to see the new arrival.

    1. I am so curious myself - she said that maybe in two weeks it will be here. Than we'll see!

  6. Brigitta ... I am not sure if one can have too much pink! But now you will have a wonderful hat and a collar, too! Please do show us both.

  7. Dear Susan,
    thank you for joining! Pink is so becoming - and I will show both new garments (if the weather remains as it is, I could even still wear them :-)