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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The scent of Linden makes the bees pot-headed...

©Brigitta Huegel

Dear You, 
first week of June over - and no entry here!
If you come to Berlin: this would be a perfect time. The Linden (lime) are openening their millions of little flowers, soak the warm (well: at the moment: very hot) air, make your head giddy, make your soul sing with joy, your whole being can bathe in it - gorgeous!
(You see: it really gets me too :-)
And for a day that might not be filled with that natural drug, yesterday I bought a reminder in a bottle: at "Frau Toni's" near Checkpoint Charly they produce a room-perfume "Linde". Normally I abstain from all these scented things for the house - but this is simply great.
(A month ago I found there a real perfume - for me to wear - which contains a lot of "violet". It was the favourite perfume of Marlene Dietrich. Violet is very difficult to get in Germany - I told you that I found a sufficiently nice whiff in my preferred perfume 'Balenciaga - Paris". And now I found out, that Serge Lutens, who works for Shiseido and on his own, has created a very deep violet perfume, too - but: he only (!!!) sells it in Paris, in his own shop.
one good reason more to go to Paris.
On the other hand: I would feel becoming dangerously near to an excentric man, whom I truly and deeply despised when I was young: an arrogant dilettante cook, Wolfram Siebeck. In the early Eighties he wrote that he 'always hopped on a plane to Paris' - every time he needed the little "haricots verts" (those very slim beans, almost as slim as knitting needles) - not available in Germany then.
At that time, hearing it I thought furiously about lamp posts and 'cake for hungry people'-quotes, and revolution, (later my mother's blue blood diluted all that and made me more gentle).
I hope that there are thousands of other good reasons to go to Paris - as many and as intoxicating as the scent of lime-flowers.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Amateur Cooks

Britta Huegel

Dear YOU, 

you asked me about my week-end.
It was - well - interesting...
As you know, for more than half a year I am member of a Literary Circle in Berlin - eight women always meet in the evening on the first Saturday of the month to discuss a novel, we always meet at the same person's villa (Why? The Circle exists since 11 years, so I don't dare to ask - they always did it like that), and always one of the women cooks.
Now it was my turn.
Can you imagine that it was the first time in my life that I had to cook for eight persons? When we have guests, we are four or six - or it is a party. Of course I cooked in my student's day for a crowd, and also for Son and his friends - but then it was a big pot of Spaghetti or Chili con Carne.
Now I started on Friday to cook a delicious Red Lentil soup with sour cream; on Saturday I fried a big portion of Thai chicken with Peanut sauce, prepared a beautiful salad, baked freshly baked bread, and conjured my famous Mousse au cholcolat (With very dark chocolat, because Wolfram Siebeck said: "If children want a second portion, it is too sweet.")

People told me that it had been a beautiful Saturday, temperatures almost as in Summer :-)

But the real adventure started when Husband brought me, the shopping trolley and the big bag down to the taxi cab.

As I promised that my letters will be short, I'll stop here and say:       To be continued. 

Yours aff.