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Friday, 1 November 2013

Very Discrete Presentation of Some Narrowboat-Musicians

Now I want to introduce to you some musicians who were with me on that narrowboat.
Above: Look at the drummer Raphael Kaletta of 'Cats and Breakkies': he was our youngest crew member.
And if I were more technically versed, I could give you a glimpse of a big project he is involved in, but I can't, so please look this up: 

This is so fantastic - here you also see 'our' drummer in a road movie record on a beautiful DVD - they play music with many different bands all along the Danube river.

He also plays in a Jazz-Trio Ponciana 

Another musician is  Chris Alastair, here a song from one of his DVDs, 'Putty in your hands':

And our captain, Matti Mueller, who "is" three bands:
"Trouble at the Mill",  "The Milltones" and "The Madrigal Minstrel Four"
Here is his homepage:

first click on the band you want to hear, than: music.

All these musicians are doing their own thing - on the boat it was just a friendly meeting, with three other musicians (a French saxophone player; a singer, and an English guitar player - but I could not find their DVDs).

So much fun to have them on that boat!


  1. Britta, what a lovely way to honor new friendships!

    1. Dear Suze,
      and I am lucky: the drummer (and another non-musician) live in Berlin, Matti in Hildesheim - so I can see them often and listen to their music. And the others are in London and Paris - and London is the other part of the world which I call 'Home of my heart'.

  2. I loved that - really wonderful. Great music. (It is 'Trouble at t' Mill', I think. A Yorkshire thing.)

    1. Dear Tom,
      thank you - as I see Matti next Saturday, I will tell him that you like it. He was the one who organized the boat trip (and had the idea). The Jazz-Trio I'll hear on next Tuesday (life is spinning very fast at the moment).

  3. What exciting company you had on your narrow boat Brigitta - talented, young, handsome musicians - it must have been lots of fun.
    It is wonderful making music together - my eldest son sang in a group whilst living in Norway but he moved with his family to Paris this summer, and I am wondering whether he will have an opportunity to get another group going there.

  4. Dear Rosemary,
    it was really exciting.
    When your son moved to Paris, I believe that musicians are very quick in finding groups they can play in (and language is no obstacle - for a singer English is ideal, though the French look especially after their language ). Britta

    1. I hope he finds a group, he is fluent in French which is a help.

    2. It is a good way to find more acquaintances with different interests. Our nephew, barrister, playing very good cello, moved from Berlin to Frankfurt and has found a new band there.
      So: good luck to your son, it will happen!

  5. Wow, when you said you had music on the boat, I imagined a bunch of amateurs just having fun and making a joyful noise, but you had real MUSIC! How wonderful.

    1. Dear Susan,
      as I seldom write about people I know, I thought how to tell about them. Well, if they perfom in public, I am allowed to, I think... (There were others with CDs too, but I haven't found them in a hurry).