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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

A Toothless Tiger In My Cabinet

©Brigitta Huegel

This morning I read Gwil's poem "That Fruit May Grow Upon Your Trees" on So I took a photo of the little Kumquat on my windowsill - I admire its strength: 10 bulging little fruits, and still 9 to come. 
In the warmer season it is on the balcony - otherwise you might be overpowered by the scent of neroli. 
This morning I woke up incredibly late (for my schedule): 8 o'clock - can't remember that in the last ten years I ever managed to wake up that late. 
And what did I do with my exuberant energy? 
I polished the old silver fruit basket, the silver candle holder (five arms), and a beautiful little blue enamel bowl on a silver foot. 
Ah, and not to forget the little Lady Pistol from the French armourer 'Le Page à Paris' (official armourer of the Dukes of Orléans)  - founded at the beginning of the 18th century.
Don't fear,  I used up my energy in polishing - and: it has a pyrite lock (a bit broken), the cock is artfully recessed into the walnut and ebony wood and needs a whole lock to come out. 
It is just a very beautiful useless antique - and that is good, as I love peace.  
And oranges. 
(...that come all the way from China...)