Britta's Letters from (and sometimes about) Berlin

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

A Connoisseur of the Art of Living

The German word "Lebenskünstler" - which  literally means "an artist in/of life" - has no real equivalent in English.
The dictionary offers me "hedonist" and "spiv" and "person who makes the best of things" - but that's not quite "IT".

Well - here you see one of my neihbours (no privacy intruded) - he is a real "artist" in life, meaning he works in varieté and does many, many surprising things with his body (walking on a high rope is only one of it).

And he kows how to live his life in the most creative and happy way.
He does not own much - but he has ideas. Sees chances - and grasps them.

A year ago he put two chairs into the wildernis of our Hinterhof (our absentee landlady does not permit to use it or make a garden out of it).

Then one of the chairs (if you stare hard you might find it at the left side) became what I will call  "the poetic idea of a chair", a mere quote, because  it misses the important part of a chair: the seating surface.
It is very Zen-like, very Buddhistic, this chair!

But our artist used it the other one today - the second chair, which still is sort of ok - and as we have the third day of summer in Berlin (28°C! in mid.May!), and he, different from us, has no balcony - uses the wildernis in a very creative way.

And, as you might have noticed:

He follows the sun!


  1. You're lucky to have an artist in your life. Knowing an artist uplifts and gives one the opportunity to see things in a new way - opens a window or a door where there might have been a (previously good-enough) wall.
    It's good to hear from you!

    1. Dear Pondside, thank you! I am so happy that you are in blogland again. missed you for a long time.
      Yes, the guy is fun - and I like positive people.

  2. Perhaps we would call him "a bit Bohemian": unconventional, free spirit. Hello to you, not seen you for a while! xx

    1. Dear Rachel, yes, he is a Bohemian, that hits the nail on the head.
      As not being seen for a while: I was in the Netherlands for a while, and studies here mean hard working. But I bought an i-Pad and hope to develop a new routine on commenting - meaning: one day a week for instance - though I read a lot of your daily posts and enjoy them! xx

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