Britta's Letters from (and sometimes about) Berlin

Sunday, 9 December 2012


Dear You,
TOO LONG!, you complained. Yes, I'm sorry: the last letter was TOO LONG... Mea culpa. 
And I cannot blame Facebook or Twitter or whatsoever that it reduced the human attention span (TOO quick you get TOO many of Tweets and posts and whatsoever). Imagine your name were Elizabeth von Arnim and you sat somewhere far away in a bare German landscape - you would have jubilated to get a long letter from me, but here? In Blogland? Thank you, but thank you very much. 
Yes: I changed my blog title again - I just wasn't happy with "Britta's Letters from Berlin". Looked for a better one. 
And remembered Son's question when I thought about buying a new car, (my - realistic - dream car is a newer Jag, the car above would demand too much to give up for it). He asked: "If not now, then when?"
To be honest, I was slightly offended at first. But he is absolutely right!
If I have a dream, or you have a dream (as I hope you have!) we should not wait a few decades until we try to fulfill it. They might take away our driver's license then :-)  So: the Jaguar will be bought in spring (though it will not be Morse's MK II, sorry). 
Ah: and I took my Greta Garbo-glasses off again (though I had a very good reason - on Facebook - to put them on, figuratively)  - and returned to use a photo of me, and my real name (though 'Hill' is the utterly correct translation). 
So - that's it (in a nutshell - more walnut than hazelnut, but it takes time to reform). 
Bear with me! 
Yours (snowbound)     Britta 


  1. Sage advice. If not now, when? Wonderful!!! I know you are searching for your perfect blog layout, title, and length of post. Sometimes it feels right and sometimes it needs a tweak. I like your new blog setup and glad you are going for your new car.

  2. Dear Janet,
    that compliment came at the right time, thank you! And I know that you suffered from my experiments - getting flooded with (old) 'Gardening in High Heel'-posts... As I saw in your last post, you are by now four years in blogland - congratulation again, I always enjoy them, and learn, too.

  3. Good for you! We put everything off and I'm so pleased you will be getting your dream car!
    Time seems to be in decreasing supply. I'm not sure why, but everyone seems to be in a rush x

  4. Dear Penny,
    yes, in spring - at the moment it would only stand in the snow (and in Berlin I use underground, it is so much easier). Time is consumed by so many beautiful offers - we can choose, that's good, but even the process of choosing is giving us the feeling that we might miss something.

  5. Britta- You have passed on the genes for enthusiasm and zest of life. It is ,indeed, an awesome phrase. Inspiring. Vesatile. Dreams.

  6. Dear Scott,
    thank you, as every proud mother I hope/believe that you are right :-)!
    And for me: of course I will buy a "used car" (I haven't won the Jackpot, and never in my whole life I bought a new one, because at the moment a new car leaves the shop, one has lost a lot of money - it being no longer 'new'. (Husband and I could write a hilarious book about our (good) adventures with used cars).

  7. Indeed! Life is too short eh? Enjoy, enjoy. enjoy! xxx

  8. Dear Minerva,
    And at some times, (as before Christmas), time actually is running like Usain Bolt :-)