Britta's Letters from (and sometimes about) Berlin

Friday, 30 October 2020

Imaginary travels in lock-down times:


Dear You, 

you might remember this curious "map" which hangs on my kitchen-wall. 
I bought it at "Dussmann", the greatest bookshop in Berlin, Friedrichstraße - a boulevard that seems as far away as London in times of an almost complete lockdown in Berlin... 
That map was "only" a gift wrapping paper which I framed - but I love to sit at the table in front of it, studying the drawings which of course are not true to the scale :-)  
and know that I walked through all (yes: all!) those streets on my month-long stays in London. 

I miss it. 
I miss London, I miss England (and Scotland too). 
Green is the colour of hope, we say in Germany - 
so: it has the right colour. 

You asked me how I cope with being so much alone (as most people are these days). 
In the following days I will write what I do to avoid to not become depressed. The order is of no importance - I just like to start somewhere, so here it is: 
1. safe-bet (for me): 

1. Make a bucket list of places you want to see again

Look at your photographs, or your diary, or call to mind what you especially loved. Write about your imaginary trip, draw, dream. 
Be thankful that you had the chance to see it at least once. 
And: - I try to learn taking nothing for granted and  
 be grateful! 

What are you dreaming of, dear friend? Which Fata Morgana runs through your head? And what are your best hints?  

Waiting for your answer 

Yours Truly


Saturday, 24 October 2020

Autumn is Beauty

In autumn I always like to draw a little bit - the colours are so tempting...

BUT: the real thing is better :-) 

Abundance ... or  


Always a feast for the eyes!  

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Surreal Impressions of Berlin


Dear You, 

Here I show you some of the photos I took on my very first ride in Berlin. (I never use photoshop). 

Enjoy my little pleasure trip as much as I did! (Or does that sounds like Hyacinth Bucket - eh, Bouquet - with her Waterside Supper with added Riparian Entertainments...?)

Somewhere I read: "Courage is fear that has said its prayer and decided to go forward anyway." 
Yes - it was a victory over myself - but no need to instantly build a victory column! 


Wednesday, 7 October 2020

I took my courage into both hands...


Dear You,

"I conquered my weaker self" - (the Germans are are bit more drastic - "I conquered my inner Schweinehund - "swine & dog")

My weaker self did not want to bicycle! You know, I did it (under protest and very wobbly) in the Netherlands. And decided: After so many years of abstinence - why now? Now there is a real risk - especially in Berlin. 

Then I went into my cellar. There it stood: my "new" (because I never used it) Kettler-bike. The proverbial quality of German workmanship. Almost as old as my son, who now became 37. 

The owner of a typical Berlin-Bike-Shop said: 

"Wonderful! Wow! I have fans who would buy it instantly!" 

He is a good guy. He could have talked me easily around buying a new one - I would have believed him. Or at least he could have sold me new tyres. But no: he just checked the bike through. "Everything utterly ok!

No wonder that the company Kettler, the manufacturer of this bike, went bankrupt - which reminds me of the movie "The Man in the White Suit" with Alec Guiness. 

But I was so pleased! Bought a bicycle basket and two bike locks from him. You need them in Berlin as I cannot carry the bike over the very steep basement stairs - THAT would be REALLY DANGEROUS! So it stands in the Hinterhof, the backyard. 

And I use it - hurray! (TBC)