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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Will we bloggers meet in London - spontaneously?

Britta Huegel

Dear You, 
Double surprise:
- one for my friend Anne, whom I will soon meet in London - she comes from Darmstadt, I from Berlin. Difference: I know where we will go then - she doesn't. (She finished her dissertation this year, and as a present I booked the ???.in ???? for 3 nights. Ha: I will not tell you now, because she or her husband, who will stay at home, might read this blog).
- second: surprise for me, because after that I will stay in London for more than a week. Surprise - because I had already booked the return flight... Now I have a second return ticket with a more generous airline than Ryanair. The first flight is my problem: I am stubborn and will - for the first time in my life - use only one boardcase and a handbag. Ryanair allows only a boardcase with 10 kilogramm, so I went and found a light boardcase from Bric, (only 1,92 kg - my other - loved one - has over 3kg) and a handbag from the same inventive Italian manufactorers which has exactly the allowed measurements. Now I weigh my clothes, I weigh my cosmetics (oh my, oh my - that's the tough part).
I feel as if I am a 7 year old child again: then I drew lots and lots of caves which I decorated in the most fashionable way with sophisticated - cardboxes. Why? I don't know - I was on the Minimalist's trip very early (in theory). I'll have to be a minimalist with my clothes now - in practice.
Though maybe Ryanair will think I am the Marshmallow Man -once in London I will become instantly slim again. .

Now two questions: 

- Any suggestions what I can/must/should see in London in the next weeks? IThank you!

- Is anybody interested to come to a spontaneous blogger-meeting in London? We can meet in a café. If you are interested - best days for me: Saturday 6th September or Sunday 7th September - then please write it quickly into your comment - and I will see it till Monday, after that I'm off.

PS: Burglars: No chance: Husband and a bunch of well-trained visitors stay at home :-) 


  1. Ryanair?! I would rather fly Malaysian Airlines than with them.

    I'll let you know, but we are in London this weekend (burglars - nothing worth stealing even though we leave a hungry Rotweiller behind), so maybe that is our trip for this year.

    1. Dear Tom,
      Ryanair was the only flight I could get in the short time - for a reasonable price. Back I fly with British Airways.
      Sorry if you cannot come - looks as if I have to drink my coffee alone - which I will also enjoy. Though I would have loved to see you all.

  2. I wish you all the joy of a well planned and spontaneous trip! Happy Holidays.

    1. Dear Joanne,
      thank you! I am really looking forward to it. (though it will be a short time of not blogging, not commenting).

  3. In case you didn't see my comment I suggested you go to see the porcelain poppy sculpture at the Tower of London (free) visit the Liberty shop (free) unless you decide to purchase - a great temptation, but forgot you have no luggage space anyway. The Sir John Soane Museum (free).
    Would love to meet you lovely Britta but I am away on a "Special Offer".
    I travelled to Paris with just cabin baggage and it was very liberating it is surprising how you can manage if necessary.
    Have a great time.

    1. Dear Rosemary,
      enjoy your holiday - we will meet another time, "I see it!" as Mrs. Wilkins in 'Enchanted April' says - maybe in Berlin. The porcelain poppy sculpture sounds interesting, thank you - Liberty is always a 'Must' (so are Harrods and Harvey Nichols, - last year I bought earrings - that or scarves always are small enough. Or I'll send things in a parcel to myself). Sir John Soane's Museum I have visited twice last year, and definitely will this year again- and the sweet soldier from the Royal Hospital Chelsea, whom I became acquainted with and who showed me his berth (!) will be visited too.
      I wonder whether the exhibition of Quentin Blake is still to be seen - but the Internet will tell me.
      You really reassured me in the question of luggage! Thank you!

  4. I will not be joining you but I certainly wish you a wonderful time. I do envy your friend. I love surprises and you sound like the person to supply them.

    1. Dear Emma,
      sorry that so many can't come, but most of you, my blogger-friends here, are living far away, so it was to be expected that most of you can't come (Tom Stephenson I've met already in Bath in real life last year).
      As to the surprise: of course I will tell you all when I am back - have bought an extra memory card for my camera.

  5. travels and good wishes for a bright, happy visit! When you post your lovely photos, I will visit vicariously through you! Think of me across the pond when you have your wonderful cafe coffee! Smiles...Susan

    1. Dear Susan,
      thank you for your good wishes! I am back safely - and it was oh so lovely! Will post soon about it.

  6. Ah, Britta, you know I should love to crash this party! What fun you will have. This:

    'Though maybe Ryanair will think I am the Marshmallow Man -once in London I will become instantly slim again.'

    made me laugh out loud over my coffee.

    It is interesting to transfer our minimalism from theory to practice. I predict you will find something of yourself emerging into starker relief from the exercise. Enjoy!

    1. Dear Suze,
      so good that I know how to enjoy my own presence: of course I met quite a lot of friends in London - but no bloggers (but at least: one Facebook-friend whom I've seen now for the third time - she always comes a long way from Canterbury to meet me).
      Lots of fun - I saw so much! And the slim suitcase worked very well - absolutely gorgeous weather, never needed the umbrella, or the eiderdown-vest, though I had them in my boardcase...).